From ‘Corrupt’ To ‘Jumlajeevi’, Words Banned In Parliament

Words Banned In Parliament
Words Banned In Parliament

Words Banned In Parliament: ‘Jumlajeevi’, ‘baal buddhi’, ‘Covid spreader’ and ‘Snoopgate’ included in everyday expressions such as ‘ashamed’, ‘abused, ‘betrayed’, ‘corrupt’, ‘drama’, ‘hypocrisy’ and ‘incompetent’ are gone. List of words deemed inappropriate for Parliament ahead of the new session beginning Monday.

Words Banned In Parliament

Triggering immediate protest from opposition MPs, who say it will hamper their ability to criticize the government, the Lok Sabha Secretariat has released a new booklet listing unparliamentary words for both houses.

The booklet, which comes ahead of the monsoon session starting Monday, covers ‘anarchist’, ‘Shakuni’, ‘dictatorial’, ‘taanashah’, ‘taanashahi’, ‘Jaichand’, ‘vinash purush’, ‘Khalistani’ and ‘khoon se kheti’ will also end if it is used during or otherwise.

‘Dohra charitra’, ‘nikamma’, ‘nautanki’, ‘dhindora peetna’ and ‘behri sarkar’ will also face the same treatment.

However, the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha and the Speaker of the Lok Sabha will have the final word on terminating words and expressions.

The move sparked outrage in the opposition, with Derek O’Brien of the Trinamool making an open challenge, saying he would continue to use the words.

Trinamool MP Mahua Moitra tweeted, “You mean I can’t stand in Lok Sabha and talk about how an incompetent government has betrayed Indians, who should be ashamed of their hypocrisy?”

The criticism was responded to in a statement released to the media through “government sources”. “Today the opposition has made a lot of noise in Parliament over the compilation of unparliamentary words. But the interesting thing is that they have tried to create a storm without knowing the facts. This list comes out every year.” Said it.

This list is not a new suggestion, but a compilation of words already deleted in Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha or State Assemblies. It also includes a list of words considered unparliamentary in the parliaments of Commonwealth countries.

“Most of these words were considered unparliamentary even during the UPA government. The booklet is only a compilation of words, not suggestions or orders,” the statement said.

The Lok Sabha Secretariat list includes a caveat that certain words cannot be considered unparliamentary unless read in conjunction with other expressions spoken during parliamentary proceedings.

The list of expressions includes any allegation made against the Speaker in both the Houses, either in English or Hindi, which shall be deemed unparliamentary and shall be removed from the records of Parliament.

Words Banned In Parliament
Words Banned In Parliament
Words Banned In Parliament
Words Banned In Parliament

A quick look at some of the words listed as unparliamentary, Words Banned In Parliament:

‘Bloodshed’, ‘bloody’, ‘betrayed’, ‘ashamed’, ‘abused’, ‘cheated, ‘chamcha’, ‘chamchagiri’, ‘chelas’, ‘childishness’, ‘corrupt’, ‘coward’, ‘criminal’ and ‘crocodile tears’, ‘disgrace’, ‘donkey’, ‘drama’, ‘eyewash’, ‘fudge’, ‘hooliganism’, ‘hypocrisy’, ‘incompetent’, ‘mislead’, ‘lie’, ‘untrue’, ‘anarchist’, ‘gaddar’, ‘girgit’, ‘goons’, ‘ghadiyali ansu’, ‘apmaan’, ‘asatya’, ‘ahankaar’, ‘corrupt’, ‘kala din’, ‘kala bazaari’, ‘khareed farokht’, ‘danga’, ‘dalal’, ‘daadagiri’, ‘dohra charitra’, ‘bechara’, ‘bobcut’, ‘lollypop’, ‘vishwasghat’, ‘samvedanheen’, ‘foolish’, ‘pitthu’, ‘behri sarkar’, and ‘sexual harassment’.


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