Eric Greiten a Republican Missouri GOP Senate candidate posed as RINO hunter on a campaign ad

Eric Greiten
Eric Greiten

Eric Greiten had to step down as governor of Missouri in 2018 because of claims that he had an extramarital affair with a woman who said he physically abused her and threatened her. Greiten quit as part of a deal with a prosecutor in St. Louis to drop a felony charge that he used a charity donor list to raise money for his 2016 campaign for governor. Greiten’s ex-wife has also said that he hurt her and their young son. Greiten has said that he did nothing wrong.

Greiten, a former Navy SEAL, starts the ad by saying he’s “going RINO hunting.” “RINO” stands for “Republican in name only.” Hard-right Republicans sometimes use this term to describe people they think are not conservative enough.

Eric Greiten’ campaign paid for the ad                                              

“I’m Eric Greiten, Navy SEAL. Today, we’re going to look for RINOs “Greiten says in the ad, with his gun at the ready. Greiten, a Republican running for the Senate in Missouri, is shown in a still from an ad in which he “RINO hunts” for political opponents.”The RINO feeds on corruption and is marked by the stripes of cowardice,” the candidate says as he and the men in combat gear force their way through the front door of a house with guns drawn.

“Join the MAGA group. Get a permit to hunt RINO. There’s no limit on the number of bags or tags, and it won’t run out until we save our country “Greiten concludes. Greiten’ campaign paid for the ad. Meta, which used to be Facebook, took the ad down, but Twitter kept it up and put a warning label on it.

Dave Schatz, a Republican running for the Senate in Missouri said:

“This tweet was abusive, which is against Twitter’s rules,” the label says. “However, Twitter has decided that the tweet might be in the public’s best interest if it stays online”.

In a statement condemning the ad, the Fraternal Order of Police in Missouri said, “This disgusting video has no place in our political system and sends a dangerous message that it is okay to kill people with different political views”. Dave Schatz, a Republican running for the Senate in Missouri, said that the ad was “completely irresponsible”.

According to Dave Schatz:

Schatz said, “This is completely careless.” “I’m running because of this. It’s time to stop this nonsense and get back to normal. Missouri deserves better.”

Some of Greiten’ Republican opponents had already asked him to quit the race because of past accusations. Greiten’s former hairdresser said in a 2018 report from a Missouri House committee that Greiten started a sexual encounter with her that was aggressive and unwelcome. She also said that Greiten threatened to release a partially naked photo of her if she spoke out. The woman said that Greiten hit her, grabbed her, spanked her. And pushed her several times as he was getting ready to run for office. Greiten has said that there was no violence and that both sides agreed to the affair.

Eric Greiten’ ex-wife has said in court

Since then, Greiten’ ex-wife has said in court documents. That he hurt her and their young son while they were married. She says he knocked her down and pulled their then-3-year-old son by the hair. During a fight over child custody, Sheena Greiten said these things. At the time, Greiten said that these claims were made up.

On August 2, the Republican Party primaries will be held in Missouri.


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