Disease X Could Bring Next Pandemic, Kill 50 Million People, Says Expert

Disease X Could Bring Next Pandemic, Kill 50 Million People, Says Expert
Disease X Could Bring Next Pandemic, Kill 50 Million People, Says Expert

According to Kate Bingham, scientists have discovered 25 virus families, but there may be over one million variants that have not yet been discovered.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has named Disease X as a pandemic that could be deadlier than Covid-19. Vaccine Taskforce chair Kate Bingham said in an interview with the Daily Mail that the new virus could have a similar impact as the Spanish Flu of 1919-1920. Viruses, bacteria, and fungi are possible causes of Disease X, according to WHO.

“In 1918-19, at least 50 million people died from the influenza pandemic, twice as many as in World War I. Today, one of the many viruses already in existence could cause an equivalent death toll.” Ms Bingham said.

It will be necessary to prepare for mass vaccination drives and deliver the doses in record time if the world is to tackle the threat of Disease X, she told the Daily Mail.

Experts have identified 25 virus families, but there may be over a million undiscovered variants, which are capable of jumping species.

In a sense, we got lucky with Covid-19, despite the fact that it caused 20 million or more deaths worldwide. The point is that the vast majority of people infected managed to recover… Imagine Disease X is as infectious as measles with the fatality rate of Ebola… There is a replicating virus somewhere around the world, and someone will become sick sooner or later,” said Ms Bingham.

It is estimated that approximately 67 percent of people who contract Ebola die from it, and others like bird flu and MERS also cause a great deal of death. “The next pandemic will not be easy to contain.”

A major reason for the increase in pandemics was also explained by Ms Bingham.

In today’s world, outbreaks are a consequence of globalisation, which has allowed people to become increasingly connected. Second, people are crammed into cities, where they often come into close contact with each other.

As a result of deforestation, modern agricultural methods, and the destruction of wetlands, viruses are jumping from species to species.

The World Health Organization first mentioned Disease X on its website in May.

According to the statement, the term “represents the possibility of a serious international epidemic being caused by a pathogen that is not known to cause human diseases at the present time”.

The term was first used by the WHO in 2018. A year later, Covid-19 began spreading worldwide.

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