Bihar Burning, But BJP And JD (U) Fighting: Prashant Kishor

Bihar Burning
Bihar Burning

Bihar Burning:Prashant Kishor Shri Kishor points to fresh clash between Nitish Kumar’s JD (U) and BJP over ‘Agneepath’ protesters’ attacks on BJP leaders’ homes in Bihar (Read More:- ‘Agnipath’ Protests Spread, Bihar BJP Office Vandalised, Leader Attacked)

Bihar Burning

Electoral strategist Prashant Kishor has been embroiled in a controversy over the new military recruitment scheme ‘Agneepath’, particularly in violent protests in Bihar, where the BJP and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s Janata Dal (United) are in power in alliance.

Mr Kishor, who was sacked by Mr Kumar as his party’s No 2 in 2020, pointed to new friction between the two alliance partners over the ‘Agneepath’ protesters’ attacks on the homes of BJP leaders in Bihar.

Agneepath should be a movement, not violence and sabotage. People of Bihar are bearing the brunt of the conflict between JDU (Janata Dal United) and BJP. Bihar is burning and leaders of both the parties are at loggerheads. -Matters Blaming each other instead of resolving it,” Mr Kishor tweeted.

Bihar Burning: Bihar’s BJP chief, whose house was vandalized by ‘Agneepath’ protesters, yesterday criticized the Nitish Kumar government for making insufficient efforts to stop the violent protests in the state. The protesters also ransacked the residence of Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Renu Devi and several BJP offices.

Pointing to the inaction of the state authorities to stop the attack on his house in Bihar’s Bettiah town, Mr. Jaiwal told reporters yesterday, “When we called the fire brigade, they said the fire trucks would come only when the local administration the authorities will allow it.

On Friday. “We are part of the state government’s coalition, but nothing like this has happened anywhere in the country, it is happening only in Bihar. As a BJP leader, I condemn this incident and if it is not stopped, it won’t be good for anyone,” the Bihar BJP chief told reporters.

Bihar Burning: Mr Kumar’s party heeded the BJP leader’s aggressive warnings. JD (U) MP Rajeev Ranjan hit back at the alliance partner for unnecessarily blaming the JD (U) for the protests.

“Central government took the decision. Protests are taking place in other states as well. Youth are worried about their future, so they came out to protest. Of course violence is not the way. We cannot accept violence. But BJP should also listen to what is the concern of these youth, what is their concern. Instead, the BJP is blaming the administration. What will the administration do? “Frustrated BJP is blaming the administration for its inability to control the anger of the protesters,” Mr. Ranjan said in a video statement.

Meanwhile, protests continue in some states, with the most intense being in Uttar Pradesh, Telangana and Bihar. Amidst the protests, the Center has announced several concessions. There will be a 10 per cent quota in Defense Ministry jobs, spread across Coast Guard and Defense civilian posts and all 16 defense PSUs. This reservation will be in addition to the existing reservation for ex-servicemen.

Above all, the government announced 10 percent reservation for ‘agnivars’ in the Central Armed Police Forces, or CAPFs, and the Assam Rifles, which comes under the Ministry of Defence.

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