Bengaluru Roads Turn Into Rivers After Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain in Bengaluru
Heavy Rain in Bengaluru

Heavy Rain in Bengaluru: Several trees were found uprooted due to incessant rains and a holiday was declared in schools and colleges today.

Heavy rains led to waterlogging in some parts of Karnataka’s capital Bengaluru, disrupting normal life. Schoolgirl Set On Fire By Stalker Dies, Massive Protests In Jharkhand.

Heavy Rain in Bengaluru

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He said that trees were found uprooted in many areas and today a holiday has been declared in schools and colleges.

A video showed vehicles stuck in a long waterlogged stretch on the Bengaluru-Mysuru highway, while pedestrians struggled to walk.

Heavy Rain in Bengaluru

Stranded civilians in some areas were rescued with the help of boats.

“It took three hours to cover the three kilometer distance,” wrote a user on Twitter with a video of people struggling to cross a waterlogged road at Ecospace Tech Park.

Heavy Rain in Bengaluru

The state has been receiving heavy rains for the past few days. Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Monday visited flood-hit areas, including Ramanagara, to take stock of the situation.

Schoolgirl Set On Fire By Stalker Dies, Massive Protests In Jharkhand

Officials said the chief minister listened to the problems of the affected people and promised relief.

Karnataka has received 820 mm of rain since June 1, affecting 27 districts and 187 villages, affecting a population of 29,967.