Australian Pub Owner Fights Off Crocodile With Frying Pan

Australian Pub Owner
Australian Pub Owner

An Australian pub owner has been caught on camera fighting an angry crocodile over a frying pan.

Video provided by Storyful shows pub owner Kai Hansen face-to-face with a crocodile. The reptile appears to be running towards Mr. Hansen, at which point he then strikes him twice on the head using a frying pan. After the second strike, the crocodile is seen turning sharply and retreating towards some bushes.

Watch the Australian Pub Owner video below:

Australian Pub Owner: According to the post’s caption, the incident took place at Goat Island Lodge, a remote establishment located on an island on the Adelaide River. Airborne Solutions Helicopter Tours shared the short clip with the caption: “Goat Island isn’t your average pub and King Kai isn’t your average preacher! You never know what he’ll be working on next.”

The clip has gone viral since it was shared. It has been viewed over 2 million times and garnered over 7,000 likes. One user jokingly wrote in the comment section, “That gator turned around so quickly, his head is probably still ringing.” Another said, “Not a frypan, it’s a crock pot.” Some users were also criticizing the pan drying phenomenon. “I bet this guy is fed up and now the man wants him to leave,” said the third.

Meanwhile, according to Newsweek, Mr. Hansen and his crocodile encounter are well-known. Despite the local crocodile population, he moved to a remote island many years ago. Until 2018, he used to have a small dog named Pippa, who used to attack crocodiles to scare them back into the water. However, one day a crocodile known as Casey by Mr. Hansen caught the dog and killed it.