“Attempts Made To Coerce…”: Advocate Writes To Cops In Mahua Moitra Case

Mahua Moitra Case
Mahua Moitra Case

Mahua Moitra Case: Supreme Court lawyer who wrote to the CBI and BJP MP alleging that he had evidence that Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra had accepted bribes from a businessman to ask questions in parliament has now written to the Delhi Police commissioner stating that he anticipates “a very serious threat to his life” due to the allegations.

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According to Jai Anant Dehadrai, direct threats were made to harm his reputation if he did not withdraw his complaint.

Ms Moitra calls Mr Dehadrai her “jilted ex” after he had been dating the Trinamool MP and they have allegedly not been on good terms since they split up. Henry, their Rottweiler, is one of the reasons for friction between them. In court, both sides are fighting for Henry’s custody after accusing each other of ‘stealing’ him. Ms Moitra is currently caring for the dog.

During his letter to the commissioner on Saturday, Mr Dehadrai stated that he was writing under “extremely distressing circumstances” and anticipating a threat to his life because of the complaint he filed with the CBI and Nishikant Dubey dated October 14 against Moitra and others.

According to the lawyer, his complaint was directly attempted to be withdrawn on Thursday.

In case I disagreed, reputational harm was also conveyed. The very specific demand was that I should unconditionally withdraw both complaints in which I have made very serious allegations pertaining to national security and corruption against Smt. Moitra and others. “Ms. Moitra told me she would return my Rottweiler Henry to me if I retracted the complaints,” said Mr Dehadrai.

‘Pressured A Cop’

Dehadrai alleged that he had serious concerns about the Trinamool MP’s “history of using her political clout and influence to intimidate and browbeat opponents”.  He claimed that she had attempted to “extort” Henry from him by filing two “bogus” complaints against him with the Barakhamba Road Police Station in Delhi.

The lawyer claimed that Ms Moitra browbeat the Station House Officer at the police station into transferring Henry’s lawful ownership to her. Despite being threatened by the Trinamool MP, he claimed the policeman was innocent, but he must come clean on what he did.

 Henry was sent to Smt. when I succumbed. Moitra immediately withdrawn her alleged complaints against me on 04.10.2023, not only unconditionally but also explicitly asking the police not to take action against me. In light of Ms. Moitra’s extremely dangerous and dubious past, I anticipate a life-threatening attack,” the lawyer stated.

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