Athlete Breaks Guinness World Record With 3,182 Push-Ups In An Hour

Guinness World Record

GUINNESS WORLD RECORD: An Australian athlete, Daniel Scali performed 3,182 push-ups in an hour to break a Guinness World Records.

GUINNESS WORLD RECORD: An Australian athlete did 3,182 push-ups in one hour to break a Guinness World Record. Daniel Scali pushes himself over the edge to achieve the incredibly difficult feat.

GUINNESS WORLD RECORD said in a release that the record was set in April this year, when Mr Scali did 3,182 push-ups in an hour – more than a hundred from the previous mark of 3,054 set by fellow Australian Jarad Young in 2021 was.

According to the record agency, he suffers from CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome), which started when he broke his arm at the age of 12.

GUINNESS WORLD RECORD shared a video on its official YouTube handle on Friday in which Scali is seen telling his story.

The video has garnered over 37,000 views and 1,400 likes so far.

“The world’s tallest plank record holder, Danielle Scali (AUS), sets a new, equally grueling record in this video – most push-ups in an hour! Watch the effort and hear the insight from the man himself,” reads the caption. Is.

According to GUINNESS WORLD RECORD, Mr Scali is already the record holder for the longest abdominal plank position (male). He did an incredible 9hr 30min 01sec in August 2021. Mr. Scally beat George Hood’s previous record by one hour (USA).

“It’s the brain that’s sending the wrong message to my arm, which is the affected area. So, anything like a gentle touch, movement, wind or water will cause me pain,” he recalled in the GWR video, on the effects of CRPS on his Talking about life.

Growing up was difficult for him, as he was often unable to leave the house due to the chronic, incurable pain caused by CRPS. Guinness World Records said he had to be hospitalized for several months before local anesthesia was applied to his left injury to relieve his pain.