Ajit Pawar Claims He Was Elected NCP Chief 2 Days Before Coup

Ajit Pawar Claims He Was Elected NCP Chief 2 Days Before Coup
Ajit Pawar Claims He Was Elected NCP Chief 2 Days Before Coup

Just two days before their mutiny, the rebel faction of the Nationalist Congress Party removed Sharad Pawar from the top post of the party he founded and led for over two decades. The Election Commission has been informed that Ajit Pawar has been elected party chief by around 40 MLAs, MLCs and MPs.

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Ajit Pawar Claims He Was Elected NCP Chief

The Election Commission’s sources said the rebels had named Ajit Pawar as party president on June 30 — days before he crossed over to the ruling alliance and took oath as Maharashtra’s Deputy Chief Minister. There were around 40 MLAs, MPs, and MLCs who signed affidavits supporting the rebels that day, sources said.

The Supreme Court had ruled in the Shiv Sena split case that a legislative party cannot function independently of its political party. By proving majority, a group of MLAs cannot claim to have taken a decision on their own and seek protection under the Anti-Defection Act.

The decision to remove Sharad Pawar and place Ajit Pawar in the driving seat gives the impression that his camp is the political party.

Rebel factions have repeatedly claimed they are the real NCP and have claimed the party name and symbol.

According to sources at the Election Commission, some MPs and MLAs have also been disqualified because of a letter from Sharad Pawar loyalist Jayant Patil.  

Sharad Pawar was supported by only 17 MLAs from the rebel faction today. There were some MLAs who appeared for both sides and some who did not show up at all.

Assuring supporters that they would not be deprived of the symbol, Sharad Pawar former ncp chief has said he would prefer to disregard numbers and even poll symbols. 

He said, “Today’s discussion is who has the most MLAs with us. I don’t pay attention to this. In the past I had 68 MLAs, when I went out for a while, 62 left, I had only six… In the election, out of 62, only four could come back. We won with new faces.”

As for someone taking our symbol – let me tell you that it won’t go anywhere if the ideology of the party is with the workers. I have contested on a number of symbols.

Today’s turnout falls short of the two-thirds required for legal protection against action under the anti-defection law. However, Sharad Pawar has indicated that he would prefer to wait for the verdict of the people rather than take the legal route.

As Eknath Shinde broke away from the Shiv Sena last year, the script has played out similarly.

Ajit Pawar, who has served as Deputy Chief Minister three times in the last four years, said today that he would like to become Chief Minister one day. Even his uncle, a four-time Chief Minister, was slammed, asking why he should continue leading the party.

The 63-year-old said, “In other parties, leaders retire after an age. In BJP, leaders retire at 75. When are you going to stop? You give new people a chance. If we make mistakes, tell us. At your age, will you ever stop? You give us blessings.”

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