After scoring a century, the face of the England batsman Emma Lamb was like crying

Emma Lamb
Emma Lamb

After scoring a century, the face of the England batsman was like crying, after the match, the condition of the heart was revealed, the truth came out

Emma Lamb: The England men’s cricket team is going to face India in the first match of the ODI series today. But, before that the England women’s cricket team has trampled South Africa.

In the match played in Northampton, he won by 5 wickets. His victory was crucial in the role of 24-year-old opener Emma Lamb, who had scripted the scintillating century.

Emma Lamb completed her century in 91 balls but after that she became emotional, which was exposed after the match when she told her heart condition.

In the first ODI of the day-night series, South Africa women’s team batted first. But, his innings was reduced to 218 runs in 47.4 overs.

In this way England got the target of 219 runs, which they already achieved in 107 balls for the loss of 5 wickets.

Emma Lamb turned emotional after scoring a century

England opener Emma Lamb scored a century while chasing runs in this match. He scored 102 runs in 97 balls with the help of 15 fours, which was the first century of his short 3-match ODI career.

This century not only scripted England’s victory, but Lamb also got a little emotional after that.

After the end of the match, Emma Lamb also told the condition of her heart about this century. He said that she had become very emotional.

This century is very special for him, due to which his face also became like crying.

There is no doubt that his first century is special for every player. Emma Lamb’s condition is also a result of her maiden century in ODI cricket.

Nate Seaver beat South Africa with the bat on the first ball

If Lamb contributed to England’s victory with his maiden century, Nate Seaver scored a quick 55 in the middle order. He scored these runs in 36 balls with the help of 8 fours.

England’s team completed the target of 219 runs from South Africa in 32.1 overs.

Earlier, the role of Nate Seaver was also crucial in restricting South Africa’s innings to 218 runs. Because before scoring 55 runs with the bat, he also took 4 wickets with the ball.

She is the third woman cricketer from England to take half century and 4 wickets in an ODI.


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