After 24 Years In Israel Jail, He Went On To Lead Hamas Attacks

Yahya Sinwar
Yahya Sinwar

As Israel prepares for a ground offensive in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar and his team are “in our sights.”

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In the wake of Hamas’ attack on Israel cities a week ago, Yahya Sinwar has been making the rounds. According to Israeli authorities, Sinwar was responsible for the deaths of 1,300 Israelis in attacks.

The Israeli military is preparing a ground offensive in Gaza, which includes Sinwar and his team.

The Beginning

During the Egyptian occupation of Gaza, Sinwar was born in Khan Younis, in the south. Israeli forces refer to him as “the butcher of Khan Younis” because of his hometown. Sinwar’s family moved to Gaza after Israel captured Ashkelon, which was previously called al-Majdal, in 1948. A Bachelor of Arabic Studies degree was awarded to Sinwar by the Islamic University in Gaza.

The Prison Years

Sinwar has served 24 years in prison over the course of his career. His arrest in 1982 was the result of subversive activities. Then, along with Salah Shehade, he formed a unit to target Israel’s spies within the Palestinian movement. Israel killed Hamas’ military wing’s leader, Shehade, in 2002.

When Hamas was founded in 1987, Sinwar’s unit within the organization became consolidated. Sinwar was arrested in 1988 after he was accused of murdering two Israeli soldiers and four Palestinians he suspected of working for Israel. The following year, he was sentenced to four life terms.

The Release

An Israeli Army post was attacked by Hamas’ military wing Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades in 2006 using a tunnel. In addition to Gilad Shalit, two other Israeli soldiers were killed and wounded in the capture. Shalit was held captive for five years. An exchange of prisoners in 2011 freed him. 1.027 Palestinian and Israeli Arab prisoners were freed in exchange for Shalit’s release by the Israeli government. A member of this group was Sinwar. He had served 22 years in prison.

The Rise

Hamas’s military wing was where he saw rapid growth after his release. Among the international terrorists listed by the United States in 2015 is Sinwar. An Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades document mentions Sinwar as the founder of Hamas’ military wing. Sinwar was elected leader of Hamas in Gaza in 2017.

Ruler of Gaza

Sinwar is Hamas’ second-in-command after Ismail Haniyeh, head of its political bureau. Since Haniyeh is living in voluntary exile, Sinwar is Gaza’s de facto ruler. It has been his consistent position throughout his career to advocate armed struggle against Israel and to oppose any compromise formula. He is regarded as a loyal member of Hamas because of his fiery speeches. As far as monitoring Hamas operations is concerned, Sinwar doesn’t take any chances.

Hamas commander Mahmoud Ishtiwi was killed to serve as an example. As of 2015, Ishtiwi was facing embezzlement charges. Following his execution, he was charged with “moral crimes”. According to reports, Ishtiwi could extort Hamas if he was homosexual and compromise the organization.

2023 Israel Attacks

As a result of attacks on Israeli cities last weekend, Sinwar has been accused by Israel of being the mastermind. Yahya Sinwar, as Bin Laden was for 9/11, is believed to have been the mastermind behind the attack, according to a spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces.

As a killer of Palestinian collaborators, Hecht described him as ‘the butcher of Khan Younis.’ According to the defence spokesperson, Sinwar will not be spared by Israel. We are on the lookout for his team and that man. It could take a long time to find him,” he added.

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