About us

About us:

IndiNews is a media company in India. Launched in 2021, IndiNews strives to provide unbiased, accurate, and timely Indian news and entertainment for an international audience.

IndiNews was founded in 2021 with the goal of providing news from India to the world. It all started when I was a student at the University of Mumbai and wanted to stay informed on events happening in India, but there weren’t many outlets providing that service.

I learned that there were many people like me who wanted to keep up with events happening in India and there was no mainstream platform which had an ongoing discussion on issues of social importance. So I set out to create one.

After decades of working as a journalist in India’s national media and writing extensively on contemporary Indian affairs, the writer decided to venture into entrepreneurship. This led to IndiNews.in — a news portal that carries a news agenda from an independent perspective, but one that represents the concerns and aspirations of all Indians who have a stake in the country’s future.

We are always ready for new challenges and opportunities, keeping our eyes and ears open for new trends that can make us more distinctive, diverse and attractive to readers from around the world! IndiNews.live is an independent news portal based in New Delhi, India which aims to offer authoritative information about India providing current events updates to international readers through original content and its partnership with other networks.

It all started when I was looking for my own voice-the voice of someone I felt had had enough of misinformation and biased views on what is happening in India today with news stories filled with exaggerations, half truths or outright lies.

IndiNews is India’s leading news and digital media company. We provide the latest breaking news, including in-depth analysis and opinion, on major local, national, and international events. We use technology to democratize journalism, taking it out of the hands of traditional news anchors and giving it to an increasingly connected public.

Earlier this year a small team of journalists launched IndiNews, India’s first native digital media company. The idea was simple: Create a platform where people from across the country could get their voices heard by others in their community – even if they’re just one person among billions.

Although our focus is on covering Indian stories, we are committed to covering everything that’s happening in our world – from politics to sports, from natural disasters to issues of gender equality. We believe that democracy will thrive only when the people are informed and enlightened about its workings.

In an age when we’re all constantly craving for distraction – something to fill up the vacuum between work or school or whatever else you do with your time – we can’t help but feel proud that we have created a space dedicated to more than just entertainment.

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