Aaftab Poonawalla Killed Partner Shraddha Exactly Like He Threatened

Aaftab Killed Partner Shraddha Exactly Like He Threatened
Aaftab Killed Partner Shraddha Exactly Like He Threatened

The special public prosecutor (SPP) Amit Prasad said Shraddha had filed a complaint with Maharashtra’s Basai Police alleging Aaftab threatened to strangle her and cut her body into pieces. The offense was committed by him.

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Today, Delhi Police argued that Aaftab Amin Poonawala, who is accused of strangling his live-in partner Shraddha Walkar and cutting her body up into 35 pieces, committed the crime in the same way Shraddha apprehended in her complaint to the Maharashtra Police.

Tuesday, Delhi Police’s special public prosecutor (SPP) Amit Prasad appeared before the Additional Sessions Judge.

According to him, Shraddha filed a complaint with Maharashtra’s Basai Police alleging Aaftab threatened to kill her by strangling her and cutting her body up. In the same way, he committed the crime.

After almost six months, the case came to light on May 18, 2022, according to the SPP. Aaftab was arrested after an FIR was filed.

Additionally, SPP Prasad explained the evidence and material in the chargesheet against Aaftab Amin Poonawala.

He said Shraddha and Aaftab lived together in Mumbai. Every place has a rent agreement and a witness. In light of their relationship, it’s important.

It was a team effort. Witnesses are coworkers. It was a rough relationship. It’s clear from the complaint Shraddha filed with Maharashtra Police. According to the SPP, she had claimed he threatened to strangle her and rip her apart.

Despite their differences, they lived together and tried to improve their relationship. She took psychological counseling through an app. SPP says they went to Uttrakhand and Himachal Pradesh to improve their relationship.

Delhi Police said it shows the mental temperament of Shraddha and Aaftab.

SPP also said Aaftab’s rented house was at a strategic location, so he could see the whole Chhatarpur Pahadi area. They lived together in this place.

Shraddha met her friend in Gurugram. She got back at 2 pm on May 18. She was dropped off by an auto driver. Delhi Police mapped the whole thing.

The Delhi Police also told the court the disposition of neighbors who saw them in the heated exchange. Shraddha left the apartment sometimes. She was pulled up and taken back by her neighbor. After that, everything went quiet. After that, nobody saw her or talked to her.

After the murder, Shraddha and Aaftab’s bank accounts were immediately credited with electronic transactions. Around 6.40 – 6.42 pm, the entire amount was wiped off Shraddha’s account and transferred to Aaftab’s. He transferred $54,000.

According to the call detail record, Shraddha’s friend called once but didn’t answer. Aaftab called back and said Shraddha was busy. He had Shraddha’s phone with him. That phone wasn’t ringing.

The Delhi Police also said Aaftab bought a saw, chopper, trash packs, and other stuff on May 18, 2022. On May 19, he bought a double-door refrigerator with his credit card. On Shraddha’s account, he also bought a stand for the refrigerator. He was using Shraddha’s phone.

Delhi police said he also chatted with multiple people on social media to create the illusion Shraddha was alive.

Bones, jaws, and other evidence were recovered during the investigation. Shraddha’s dad’s DNA was found in the bones and jaws.

Aaftab started dating again after the crime. He gave his new girlfriend a ring. Some people identified it. Delhi Police said it was originally given to Shraddha.

There are also witness statements and evidence recovered in this case, the SPP said.

After hearing part arguments on the charge, the matter was deferred until March 20.

Legal aid counsel Javed Hussain also got time to file a reply to the synopsis filed by the SPP. The complainant was also represented by Seema Kushwaha.

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