9 Women Among 11 Dead In Explosions At 2 Firecracker Units In Tamil Nadu

9 Women Among 11 Dead In Explosions At 2 Firecracker Units In Tamil Nadu
9 Women Among 11 Dead In Explosions At 2 Firecracker Units In Tamil Nadu

In Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, two firecracker retail outlets exploded, killing 11 people, including nine women. During the testing of the samples, the incident occurred.

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There is an investigation underway into the retail outlets, according to the police.

A compensation of €3 lakh has been announced for the families of the victims by Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister MK Stalin.

A cracker shop near a firecracker unit in M Pudupatti and a cracker unit near Sivakasi both caught fire on Tuesday and killed 11 workers.

An explosion occurred in the cracker shop of Kanishkar Fireworks in M Pudupatti late in the afternoon, according to sources. Virudhunagar, Sivakasi, Watrap, and Srivilliputhur fire engines responded to the information and extinguished the fire. Ten bodies have been recovered so far by the Fire and Rescue Service.

According to official sources, the explosion occurred during the sampling of crackers, which failed to dry properly because of climatic conditions in recent days. A further two workers were admitted to the Government Hospital in Srivilliputhur after suffering burn injuries around 20-25 percent. “

Due to the fact that the workers in the unit ran away following the fire break out, attempts are being made to identify those who were charred to death in the explosion. “The unit has a DRO license.” sources said. Virudhunagar S P Srinivasa Perumal, District Fire Officer Vivekanandan, and Revenue Department officials are investigating the incident.

One of the victims of another fire accident in Kichanayakkanpatti was a 60-year-old man who was charred to death in an explosion at Arya Fireworks Factory. In one of the rooms in the unit, P Vembu (60), a Nathikudi resident, was mixing chemicals when friction caused a fire to break out. Muthuvijyan, the owner of the unit, has absconded after being arrested by Maraneri Police. Nagpur is the licensing authority for the unit.

The Chief Minister expressed condolences and announced a solatium of three lakhs for each family of the deceased, as well as one lakh for each victim of the accident.

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