“My mom tells me not to swear on the field”- 5 times Virat Kohli spoke candidly about his family

Virat Kohli spoke candidly about family
Virat Kohli spoke candidly about family

Virat Kohli spoke candidly about family:Virat Kohli has millions of fans around the world. Kohli is closely followed by the cricket universe both on and off the field. The former Indian captain’s personal life is always a topic of interest to his fans.

Anushka Sharma, a Bollywood star, is Virat Kohli’s wife. Vamika is the name of the couple’s lovely daughter.

Virat is famous for showing up to play for Delhi just one day after his father’s death to play in a domestic match.

While most Virat Kohli fans are aware of the things mentioned about his personal life, not everyone is aware of his relationship with his mother, brother, and sister. Saroj is his mother’s name, and Bhawna and Vikas are his siblings.

The star Indian cricketer turns 34 today, so let’s take a look at five instances where he spoke candidly about his family.

#1 When Virat Kohli’s mother scolded him for not eating parathas

While Virat is among the fittest athletes in the world right now, he wasn’t near his current fitness levels when he started playing international cricket for India. A chubby guy, he ate and drank at parties without thinking much about his body shape and its impact on his game.

Kohli made a conscious effort to improve his fitness after IPL 2012. As a result of seeing a positive change in his life and on the field, he adopted a healthier lifestyle. Exercise and workouts became an ‘addiction’ for him.

Kohli’s mother didn’t like his new diet very much. Former Indian skipper revealed to Sportstar in 2015 that his mother would scold him if he didn’t eat right.

“My mother is scolding me because she thinks I’m too thin. She wants me to eat parathas. She wants me to eat well. I don’t eat home butter. She will understand the difference later, I’m sure,” Kohli said.

#2 How Vikas Kohli shouldered the family burden during Virat’s childhood

Virat Kohli has an elder brother named Vikas Kohli. Vikas regularly cheers for Virat at stadiums. Off the field, he has also helped his younger brother with his business.

Virat revealed to Sportstar in 2015 that Vikas had always been supportive of him. As the third child in the family, Virat did not experience any pressure from his elder siblings.

” Being the third child, I never had any pressure. My brother handled the family’s responsibilities,” Kohli said.

#3 When Virat Kohli spoke about his late father

In August last year, Virat led the Indian team to England for an ICC World Test Championship series. In an interview with the host broadcaster before the series, Virat talked about his late father Prem and said:  

It’s been a while since he’s seen me play for India. With our daughter, I see my mother’s happiness. When you sit down, you think, “What if he were here.”

#4 How Virat Kohli’s elder brother would frustrate him at times

While speaking to his fans on his own application, Virat shared some stories from his childhood. When Virat was the next player to bat in gully cricket matches, his brother Vikas and his friends would go home.

Since I was passionate about cricket, I would take any position. When it was my turn to bat, they would all just go home and I used to cry that they made me do everything but not let me bat.

#5 When Virat Kohli’s mother told him not to swear on the field

Virat Kohli is one of the most aggressive cricketers in Indian history. He is well liked by most of his fans because of his attitude and the way he carries himself. Some fans, however, are not happy with his behavior.

Virat has always maintained that he prefers being himself rather than pretending to be someone else. He sometimes loses his temper during matches and uses swear words. Virat’s mother doesn’t like the way he behaves on the field. Kohli revealed the following to ESPNCricinfo in 2011:

Whenever my mom asks me not to swear on the field, I get really embarrassed. I don’t tell her anything; I just ask her to give me some food.

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