2 More Arrests, Sex Harassment Probe In Jadavpur University Student Death

Jadavpur University Student Death
Jadavpur University Student Death

An 18-year-old student at Jadavpur University died after allegedly being raped and beaten earlier this week. Two more arrests have been made by the Kolkata Police in connection with the alleged ragging.

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Two second-year economics students, Deepshekhar Dutta and Manotosh Ghosh, were arrested over their alleged roles in the incident.   Former student Sourabh Chowdhury was arrested earlier by the police.

A police remand was issued for him on Saturday until August 22. Chowdhury was living illegally in the hostel as an ex-student. In 2022, he completed his MSc in Mathematics.  

Sources in the police say that they are investigating whether sexual harassment played a role in the ragging of the victim.   According to some social media posts, students are often subjected to lewd remarks and are forced to perform sexual acts, such as stripping, during ragging. All these aspects are being investigated, they said.

A first-year Bengali (Honours) student, Swapnadip Kundu, fell from the main hostel building after 11:45 pm on August 9. At 4:30 am on Thursday, he died at a hospital.  

“Swapnadip spoke to his mother on Wednesday evening and told her he was not feeling well and was scared. When his mother asked him what had happened, he replied, “You please come fast. I have a lot to tell you.” The phone calls went unanswered when she called him back. The teen’s uncle, Arup Kundu, told his parents an hour later that their son had fallen and they needed to come to Kolkata.

Mr Kundu asked the doctor, “How could injury marks appear on the body if it wasn’t ragging?” The doctor showed him a piece of paper that indicated injury marks.

Several hostel boarders were accused of being responsible for Swapnadip’s death by Swapnadip’s father, Ramprasad Kundu. In a report by news agency PTI, Swapnadip’s classmate Arpan Majhi also highlighted ragging by “some seniors”.

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