10 Things Men Secretly Want From A Woman, But Rarely Are They Asked

Men Want From Woman
Men Want From Woman

Men Want From Woman: What do men really want? Since women have always been classified as emotionally complex with their feelings and needs, men seem much simpler and less esoteric. Agree with this? Certainly not! Just because men are shy or intimidated when it comes to their desires and feelings, doesn’t mean they don’t have that.

The truth is that they rarely discuss these things not only with women but also with their friends. It’s not easy for men to show vulnerability and be genuine about their feelings, but slowly they are learning to do it. And even when they do, we still have to figure out what they want. Here are 10 things men secretly want from women, but rarely ask for.

Men Want From Woman

Men want romance

Yes, we are not the only ones to melt in front of beautiful romantic gestures, boys love them too! But because our culture and our society have decided what is “masculine” and what is “young”, boys usually go to the side that gives things away. If you want to deepen the bond with your boyfriend, think and do the most romantic thing ever! Whether it’s a date on deck or stargazing, you’ll definitely appreciate the effort

Men want to feel the persecution

Since modern women are only about to make the first move, men still want to have the feeling of persecuting you. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything to make your relationship grow, but rather let it go on for a while, who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy it! Don’t rush things and let him take some steps. Guys really don’t like the feeling of being forced into something, especially with relationships.

Men want you to accept their help

What do boys have to do with action, and what better way to show your love than by helping out with something? Yes, we girls are independent and capable of doing something ourselves, and yes, men really like and respect that. However, when he’s offering to take your stuff, he’s just saying he wants to do something nice for you, which should make your life a little easier. Even if those bags aren’t that heavy, drop them! They will both be happy.

Men want to be appreciated

It’s such a simple thing, but we often forget that a relationship is a game for two and we women are not the ones who do all the heavy lifting (however, sometimes, it may seem). Appreciate your man! When he does something special for you, give him credit and thank him. It’s the little details that matter and it’s good if you notice them.

Men want you to be spontaneous

Well, let’s face it, not all people are adventurous and it would be foolish to expect spontaneity from an overly calm and reserved person. However, it’s always good to try something new to brighten up your relationship and keep the spark alive. You can take some of the pressure off and suggest a new date or plan a trip to an amazing destination. Let yourself be unpredictable! You both will like it.

Men want you to tell the truth

Speaking frankly is not a strong quality of women. We ladies think a lot and expect our boyfriends to read our mind at least a little bit. Isn’t it obvious that you’re bothered by that phone call yesterday? Well, no, not so for him. Most of the time your partner has no idea what is bothering you until you say it out loud. Talking about what’s on your mind is something that will make your relationship more stable, even if the topic isn’t so pleasant.

Men want to be accepted

We all need to be accepted, especially in a relationship. As simple as it may sound, but in reality, guys have just as much insecurities as we do, so it’s important to let them know that they are accepted, no matter what. He probably has quirky habits of his own and might say something silly in front of your friends: just when you need to show your approval and don’t judge him for what.

Men want them to exercise together

Guys love to sweat and it’s even better if they sweat profusely with the one they love. Not only are they inspired, but we also have the pleasure of watching us work on our bodies, making us stronger and more beautiful. This is a show that they really find enjoyable!

Men want emotional maturity

Now, this is something you may not wish for simply because emotional maturity develops over time. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try your best! Whether it’s a problem that got him out of control or a misunderstanding that made him a sad monster, you should try to find out his feelings before infecting your partner, Be honest, authentic, non-dramatic, and always try to get his point across, whether you like him or not. This is the only way to build a strong relationship.

Men Want Intimacy

When it comes to relationships, men really don’t like unnecessary attention. Sure, you can discuss some of the details with your best friends and family, but posting their every move together on Facebook or Instagram isn’t the best way to please your man. Unless, of course, he’s extra friendly and loves to do it! Men Want From Woman


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